Kyrie Irving advocates Kobe Bryant as NBA logo: 'Black kings built this league'


It has been 13 months since the tragic death of NBA Hall of Fame Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving is renewing the debate to change the league’s logo to represent the Los Angeles Lakers star.

The Brooklyn Nets point guard posted on his Instagram Wednesday a photo of Bryant along the NBA logo backdrop with the caption, “Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

The current NBA logo has featured a silhouette of another Lakers legend, Jerry West, since 1969, although the NBA has never officially recognized him as the logo for legal and financial reasons.

West, who has publicly shared mixed feelings about it, has wished the league would use someone else.

Following Bryant’s death, some began to argue that he should replace West as the logo and a petition was even started on

The NBA does not seem to have any interest in changing it, however,

Last year, a Yahoo! Sports report cited a source familiar with the league’s thinking that there is “no interest in having an individual player as its logo because there are so many who have been instrumental growth of the game and the NBA.”

A lot of players and fans may agree with Irving’s sentiment, but it still seems unlikely the league will make any changes.

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