Shaq calls out Danny Rouhier: 'Anybody can do a sorry ass Barkley'

Danny Rouhier is still riding the high of his whirlwind of social media success, after his Charles Barkley impression went viral last week, capturing the attention of TNT and Sir Charles himself.

That video was eventually played for Barkley on TNT's nationally televised "Inside the NBA" on Saturday, driving a whole new wave of viewers to Rouhier's impression, which he's done variations of as a professional comedian for nearly two decades. Now acknowledged by the inspiration himself, this was the big moment Rouhier's been waiting for.

The original viral video has now been viewed to the tune of over 1.5 million times on Twitter.

Enter Barkley's fellow TNT panelist, Shaq, who sent Rouhier a pointed video message by way of Chris Miles, who happens to be Rouhier's 106.7 The Fan co-worker and is friendly with the other involved parties as an NBA TV host.

"Anybody can do a sorry ass Barkley," Shaq said, staring into the camera (and Rouhier's trembling future). "Let me hear you do a Shaq impression."

Shaq signed off by complimenting his own necktie arrangement and politely calling Rouhier an "a**hole."

That's not all...

Miles also privately sent Rouhier a personalized video message from Barkley.

"Oh, you think you funny, huh? You've got jokes!" Barkley can be heard saying on the video, which Rouhier played on his radio show Tuesday. "Hey man, that s**t's funny. I'm not gonna lie. Hey, I can laugh at myself. Appreciate that, man. You keep up the good work. I hear you're a comedian. I'm gonna come see your ass laugh in person some time. Alright man, keep up the great work."

Grant & Danny were also joined Tuesday by the venerable Ernie Johnson, the glue to TNT's basketball coverage who initially brought Barkley's attention to Rouhier's impression.

At this rate, one has to wonder if we're even in real life anymore.