Cakes reads a letter from a new fan in Russia


Out of complete and utter chance, The Sports Junkies gained a new fan from a faraway land, receiving a letter this week from Artyom in Russia, who stumbled onto the show while searching for radio broadcasts of "European football (soccer)."

Renowned impressionist Johnny 'Cakes' Auville put on his best Russian accent to read the letter on air:

"For: Radio 106.7 The Fan

Good day, team of Radio 106.7 The Fan. My name is Artyom. I live in Russia in a small provincial town. Quite by accident, stumbled upon your radio station looking for broadcast of European football (soccer). Started listening to broadcasts from the NHL games (Washington Capitals). This is not surprising, because as part of the Capitals team, four of my fellow citizens play at once. I'm not a great letter master so this letter will not be as long as I would like.

I decided to write to you for this reason. I collect various sports materials. Therefore, I would like to ask you, if it is possible, could you send me some American ice hockey magazines? I would be very grateful and thankful to your. At the end of my letter, I want to wish you all good health, success in everything, and more interesting reports.

With big respect, your listener from Russia,


P.S. I am so, so sorry for my English :)"

Artyom's request of The Junkies wasn't a one-sided transaction. As Drab noted, "I do like that he sent us a bunch of Russian – I think – propaganda as well. We have, like, stickers and postcards."

If anyone happens to know Artyom in Sengiley, please send word that he's received international acclaim in the U.S.

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