Drab demands listener take down GoFundMe page for his hospital bills: 'I'm not nubbs!'


You may recall several weeks back when Junkies producer Drab T-Shirt revealed his staggering $25,000 hospital bill.

That was the fraction left over after insurance covered the remainder of the $300K it cost to bring his twin girls into this world.

Apparently a well-intentioned Junkies listener named Rohit took this as his cue to help Drab defray some of those costs, by creating a GoFundMe page.

Upon learning of this seemingly altruistic gesture, Drab demanded Rohit take the page down immediately.

"I don't think he understands why I was put off," Drab said on Monday's show.

"I kind of understand," EB said. "I mean it's just a pride thing. You're embarrassed. You don't want people to think you're nubbs."

"I'm not nubbs!" Drab projected.

"Right!" EB said. "But some people want people to think they're nubbs and they'll just take the freebies. Like Jason would 100 percent say, 'Yeah. Think I'm nubbs. Who cares?'"

"I know, but then he's got thousands of people thinking he's broke as a joke," Drab said.

"So. I don't care," Bish said. "You get over that real quick."

Jason's shamelessness aside, Rohit — a frequent caller — called in to explain his side of things. But not without going through his usual song and dance with EB, first.

"Is this the same Rohit that I always ask, 'How do you say your name?'" Bickel asked.

"Yeah. Same one," Rohit confirmed.

"Here's what I was thinking," Rohit went on to explain. "So you guys have brought it up three or four times. And every time I hear that he's got this $40K bill or whatever it is, $25K, I always think to myself: I wish I could kick in 20 or 30 bucks. Then this weekend, I wasn't doing anything Sunday morning, I was like I'm gonna spin up a GoFundMe campaign and see what happens."

"Right but it looked like it took you one minute to write that out," EB said. "You gave no explanation. You gave no detail. You just said 'he's nubbs and he needs money.'"

"Here's the thing," Rohit said. "I did it on Sunday morning at like 9:30. I had put in 20 bucks. I was like oh, 20 bucks, that's enough. Within 15 minutes, six people had put in money and it was 40 or 50 bucks each. And that was Sunday morning. So if he would have let it go, I'm sure it would have gotten up to 5, 10, 15K. I don't get it. It's his wishes. I respect it. I shut it down immediately."

"He doesn't want people to think he's nubbs," EB said.

Still clearly concerned people might think he's nubbs, Drab rebuffed Rohit once more: "Rohit, did you not see the comments of people saying, 'Why would you give him money? He's fine. His family has money. He invests.'"

"Number one, they're trolls," Rohit countered. "There were only two of them. And there were six people who donated in a heartbeat, 40 or 50 bucks. So there's people that care."

"So, hold on," Bish said. "So Drabby, you're telling me if I offered you a thousand dollars towards that bill, you wouldn't take it? Which I won't! But you wouldn't take it?"

"No, he might take it if it was private," Bickel said. "He doesn't want people to think he's nubbs."