Lurch clinging to life in high stakes survivor pool


It's been a topsy turvy year in the NFL, with major upsets occurring on a weekly basis. Which has made survivor pools particularly challenging in 2021.

Jason Bishop of The Sports Junkies shared on Monday he joined a survivor pool with his lifelong gambling pal Skippy this season. Huge stakes are up for grabs. Beginning with 5,000 entrants, first place in this pool guarantees a monstrous $30,000 winner-take-all pot. Only 99 entrants remain.

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And the Bish-Skippy two-headed monster narrowly survived elimination in Week 9.

"We could have easily taken Dallas yesterday," Bish said.

The Cowboys were 6-1 coming into Sunday's game and were heavy favorites to beat the 4-4 Broncos at home. They wound up trailing Denver 30-0 as late as the fourth quarter, but managed to secure two garbage time touchdowns late to lose 30-16.

"We thought about it," Bish explained. "Glad we didn't."

Instead, they decided to take Baltimore to beat the Vikings, which the Ravens did by the slimmest of margins, eking out a 34-31 victory.

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