The Junkies react to Tom Brady's emotional retirement


Tom Brady, the greatest NFL quarterback of all time said his emotional goodbye to the game on Wednesday, breaking the news that he would be retiring once and for all.

After listening to the audio, The Sports Junkies offered their candid reaction to Brady's farewell.

JP: And there it is. Tom Brady retires, 45 years old. 23 season in the NFL. He passed for 89,214 yards, 649 touchdowns, but the biggest thing is he made it to 10 Super Bowls and won seven of them. He's got seven rings.

Cakes: I mean how many Super Bowls have there been at this point? 56?

Bish: This will be 57 coming up.

Cakes: And he's been in 10 of those. I mean that's his lasting legacy. It's amazing. It's probably never gonna be equaled.

JP: Probably not.

The Junks then wondered what implications Brady's retirement could have on the rest of the league with the best quarterback now off the market.

Bish: Well, that's one more option off the table for teams that need quarterbacks. Because the speculation was that Tom Brady might be looking at the Raiders, because he obviously knows [Josh] McDaniels, the Niners because that's where he's from. He was a Niner fan growing up. But those are two other teams that are still possibly looking.

JP: And the Buccaneers are now looking.

Bish: Yeah and you knew they were gonna be looking.

EB: And so those are teams that guys like [Derek] Carr and whoever else you've got your eyes on would be more willing and more likely to go to than this dump.

Cakes: Right. So their value goes up too now. With Brady not being a part of the picture, a guy like Carr is more valuable. Jimmy Garoppolo, more valuable because there's less good quarterbacks on the market.

EB: If you're Jimmy G, why would you come here when you could go maybe to Tampa or any of these other spots?

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images