Theismann: Browns should be in no hurry to figure out future with Baker Mayfield


The Cleveland Browns entered this season uncertain about their future with Baker Mayfield, and several questions still remain, as the evaluation process has been hindered by an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

But former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann doesn't believe that the Browns need to worry about Mayfield's long-term viability or potential at the moment. They still have next season to determine whether he's truly right for the job.

"The first thing you have to do is, you have to consider what the alternative is without Baker Mayfield," Theismann told the Reiter Than You show on Friday. "And let's just assume it's not going to be Keenum taking over the job going forward, because he's not the youngest guy in the world. If we don't have Baker, where do we go? And there aren't a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL.