BMitch & Finlay call Chris Russell out: was Rooster rooting against the Commanders after going down 21-3?


We know he loves some contrarian opinions…but was Chris Russell actually rooting AGAINST the Commanders this weekend in Denver?

Apparently, JP Finlay was in the restroom with the Rooster at one point on Monday morning, and, in addition to having his shirt on backwards, he “strted Bleep U Thursday a little early” when Jeff called him out on Tweeting

Chris had to come into the studio to defend himself for the former, and apparently, he was just playing the heel on the latter?

“I’m not saying I was Mr. Positivity, but Cody Rhodes of WWE does that as a bit, what you want to talk about,” Rooster aid. “I was just doing a wrestling bit because they were getting their asses handed to them! I picked the Commanders to win the damn game, so it’s not like I’m sitting here rooting against the Commanders – I’m tired of this team not showing up at the start of games!”

Jeff Walker for President was NOT having it.

“Hey yo Rooster – going against us in the first quarter, and then rooting for us at the end of the game, is like dating the ugly chick you don’t show off until she glow up when she get older!” Jeff said.

Quite the in-studio confrontation…take a listen to it all above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images