Finlay looks at potential Commanders rebrand solutions


Since the Commanders officially changed ownership groups, there has been a corner of the fanbase wondering if the new owners will restore the team’s old Redskins name.

JP Finlay is here to manage those expectations.

“I don’t think this is going to happen, folks,” Finlay said. “The name change happened because they lost corporate sponsors…that is millions and millions of dollars.

“For that reason, it’s important, even paramount, to say that I don’t see them going back to the old name. Period.”

However, that doesn’t mean Josh Harris and company won’t find a way to rebrand the franchise that allows for a callback to the old days of Washington football.

“I think a rebrand is very possible, and they can rebrand back to something like Red Hogs, Red Wolves, something like that, and go back to the old-school Vince Lombardi ‘R’ logo helmets, and then you have a legit tie to the old organization,” Finlay said. “Not the big ‘W.’”

But that won’t mean going back to the old name.

“I recognize there are a lot of folks who want the name to go back,” Finlay said. “I also understand the evolution of language and symbols, and as our world evolves, things change.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Tasos Katopodis | Getty Images