Grant & Danny's Commanders roster news: maybe a new long snapper?


Camaron Cheeseman is the Commanders’ long-snapper, but maybe not for long, because after another subpar performance in Denver, head coach Ron Rivera said in Monday’s presser that the team is going to ‘gather information’ about the long snapper position.

Read to Grant & Danny: we’re not happy, but not sure there’s an alternative.

“Tell me if you disagree with me: what I heard was we’re going to scout guys, put together a list of guys in order we would sign, and give Cheeseman one more shot at this thing,” Grant said. “He called it an information-gathering, and talked about maybe having a backup plan. You won’t outright come out and say you’re cutting the guy and will sign a long snapper, but I get the sense. He was complimentary of Cheeseman and said they want to get more consistency out of him.”

Cheeseman was a sixth-round pick in 2021, a fact Grant already finds “pretty abnormal,” even moreso because they traded up for him – “which has never happened before, because why would it” – so you want to keep going, but reading between the tea leaves, yeah, that can’t be enough sometimes.

“I heard we know it’s a problem, and I think when they gather all this info, my interpretation is this,” Danny said: “If we find somebody we like, we’ll do it, but we’re not sure if anyone in the free agent pool is much better than the guy we already have. He gave himself an out basically to not say ‘we can’t wait to cut this dude,’ they’re going to see if there’s anyone out there who can be more consistent.”

The problems you have when you’re 2-0…

Featured Image Photo Credit: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images