BMitch & Finlay: How close is a Commanders sale?


How close are the Washington Commanders to actually being sold? A series of reports over the weekend seemed to suggest that talks about a potential purchase are nearing the finish line, with Sixers owner Josh Harris and partner Mitchell Rales being at the front of the line.

106.7 The Fan's Brian Mitchell and JP Finlay examined those reports in an effort to gauge how close we are to seeing an actual sale.

"I just think that when you see people doing things that they don't normally do and preparing for things that they said they never would do, that something changed," BMitch said. "And I really believe that once you bring in these major entities, one thing they don't do, they don't like you playing with their time, whether it's Bank of America or the little boutique place that Jeff Bezos called."

"Once you start talking to these people, you have to be serious about your stuff," he said. "You're not BS-ing around, playing no games, trying to: Oh, let me just get 'em riled up and then I'm gonna pull back. That doesn't work.

"And I think when you started hearing the Irsays and other people and the rumblings coming out, you knew where they were. We went from 'I will never' to all of a sudden we're going out here and trying to figure out what we can get done."

One aspect that's been consistent in most reports is that a sale is likely to center around the annual league meetings, which begin Sunday, March 26 and wrap up on Wednesday, March 29. So, following that timeline, it would make sense that rumblings start heating up this week.

Finlay added: "You had Jerry Jones, who's been Dan's most ardent supporter, come out and say, 'Yeah, you know the business is kind of falling apart there. And you should have sponsors lined up and it appears you don't.'"

"This fair to point out," Finlay said. "[Someone on Twitter] says you can't trust the rumors. Why would Bezos have signed an NDA last week if Harris was the buyer? I believe the buyer's gonna be Josh Harris. I believe the Harris-Rales partnership is really strong."

"Harris is already in NFL ownership, like they have a stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers," Finlay continued. "Who else has had stakes in the Pittsburgh Steelers? David Tepper, who owns the Panthers; Jimmy Haslam, who owns the Browns. Usually a pretty good stepping stone. I keep pointing that out. I'm not ruling Bezos out, I just think... everybody thinks that he could be going through a process and that process lands at the Commanders. That process could certainly land with the Seahawks."

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