Jason Wright: Other NFL teams calling Commanders 'to figure out what we're doing'


The rebrand for the Washington Commanders hasn't gone the smoothest.

From the introduction of the new name and blowing their own surprise multiple times over, to the team crest, to their new fight song, the ongoing public rollouts have been more of a rolling display of self-inflicted wounds.

Still, Jason Wright, the team president who's overseen this project from the beginning, insists it's all trending in a positive direction, even claiming, according to Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, that an upswing in suite sales has other teams calling them "to figure out what we’re doing."

Per Phillips, Wright says the team has sold about 15 percent more tickets for its Week 1 opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars than it had the year prior (vs. the Los Angeles Chargers). Wright remains positive that a winning on-field product will continue to yield better ticket sales.

"Even this year, if we have a great year, 14 wins, you’re really going to see the outcome of that in next year’s season-ticket base growth,” Wright told reporters Saturday, per Phillips. "That’s how the business grows year over year. So we couldn’t be happier with the progress that’s made."

If the team gets to 14 wins, you could promise to cover every fan in sewage water and they'd still show up to pack the place out.

"We feel like we're in a really good spot," Wright continued. "Suite sales are going incredibly well. We’ve got other teams calling us to figure out what we’re doing, which is good, that’s always a good sign.”

Maybe an addendum is needed for that quote. Perhaps they're calling the Commanders to find out what not to do?

Read the full article from Phillips for Wright's thoughts on the team trying to distance itself from the negative headlines about team owner Dan Snyder, and why Wright won't apologize for putting a local reporter on blast.