Jay Gruden tells Grant he's in favor of an NFL Draft lottery: '7-10 and 3-14 are the same if you're not in the playoffs'


We’ve heard the scuttlebutt about the Jets maybe calling about Jacoby Brissett or Taylor Heinicke or what have you, and Jay Gruden told Grant Paulsen as he guest co-hosted Thursday that there’s no way he would do that (at least in Washington’s case) just in case.

But that whole discussion led to thoughts Grant had about picking as high as possible if something happens to Sam Howell, and, well, it seems like the Commanders have already played the team that looks like they may be tanking to get the best possible pick, No. 1, which is likely to be USC QB Caleb Williams if he comes out.

“That’s why there should be a lottery, because this is all stupid,” Gruden said. “If you’re 7-10, you’re not that much better than a team that’s 3-14. They’re the same – you’re not in the playoffs.”

Gruden believes you ‘can’t tell a grown man to lose on purpose,’ and that’s when Grant mentioned how the Cardinals just put together a really bad team ‘built to go 5-12’ – and while Gruden disagreed with the talent level assessment, GP’s point led Gruden back to the lottery idea.

“My point is that whether you’re 5-12 or 3-14, you should have the same chance to get Caleb Williams,” Gruden said. “That way you don’t have team throwing games. There is a definite possibility this year for teams to lose on purpose, which I would never, ever would think would happen in the NFL. He’s a generational-type talent, and the only way to get him is if you’re No. 1.”

“It’s probably better for the league that way,” Grant replied, “but I would say that those owners are doing the right thing.”

Take a listen to the entire conversation about tanking above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images