Joe Theismann recalls fond memories of Bobby Beathard


The D.C. sports community has spent the past 24 hours remembering the life of former Redskins GM Bobby Beathard.

There's no better firsthand source than Joe Theismann, the quarterback of Washington's first Super Bowl team in 1982.

"I think when we won the championship, for Bobby, it was like this is where we wanted to go, this is the direction," Theismann said when asked to name his fondest memory of the GM. "And keep in mind, we did it in the second year Coach [Gibbs] was there, so more and more players came after that.

"But I think being a great architect would be my fondest memory. Seeing his smile. There wasn't the celebrations that we see today after a Super Bowl. We were in the locker room, we were on a stage and Brent Musburger was there, and Bobby was standing there with Mr. Cooke and had the biggest smile on his face in the world."

"Bobby was really an exceptional judge of talent," Theismann said. "I mean you look at the guys that he brought to Washington and then you look at the guys that he brought to San Diego, and the success that they had. You know, Coach Gibbs being one of those people that was brought to Washington."

When then owner Jack Kent Cooke showed up to practice, Joe Gibbs would transform into a different coach, Theismann says.

"I always remember Bobby Beathard, Jack Kent Cooke and Coach Gibbs sitting on a Wednesday afternoon in these chairs right next to our practice field," he said. "And Coach Gibbs was an entirely different person on Wednesday than he was during the rest of the week because Mr. Cooke was there. When those chairs came out, you knew it was going to be a different kind of a practice. And Bobby was just as easygoing and level-headed and really I think was an architect of what we were able to accomplish."

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