Lesson learned: do NOT call JP Finlay a Sam Howell hater!


JP Finlay is a man with feelings, and one Twitter/X user really tweaked them Monday when he accused JP, after listening to a fair bit of Monday’s BMitch & Finlay show, of being a Sam Howell hater and never liking the QB1.

“Everything we say on the air is recorded and posted for you to listen to – and how many times today have I said that I like Sam Howell, and you have to look at this as a one-game outlier, and there’s no debate he’s the starter?” JP asked. “We’ve also said the O-line has to be better and help Sam more.”

“We’ve said it all five million times,” was Brian Mitchell’s reply, and he then had some words for BigMike007:

“Man, get your head out your butt and start listening to the show instead of just having a narrative,” Brian said. “I don't like his narrative, JP, and that was getting on my nerves. Mike don’t listen, he just wants to have something to say.”

JP had Tweeted the article he wrote Sunday night about Howell being sacked 19 times in three weeks but that wasn’t all on the line, which is what prompted the hater response. BMitch saw nothing that wasn’t factual in that Tweet or article, but as Finlay said, ‘people hear, read, and see what they want.

And in came the man Rev. T, who put it all into perspective on a wonderful phone call:

“Listen here man: it is what it is yesterday, and I’m a firm believer of expressing yourself; if you a Commander fan and you mad right now, be mad!” Rev. T screamed. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be made about that loss! Whether we agree or disagree, come tomorrow, we gotta shake it off and get ready for Philadelphia! Don’t nothing help the Commanders right now except this: let’s go, and LORD, save our offensive line and Antonio Gibson!”

Take a listen to all the shenanigans, JP’s defense, and some calls about being mad at the Commanders above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images