Mike Florio presents his Commanders sale theory to The Sports Junkies


The sale of the Washington Commanders seems to be nearing the finish line, by all accounts. The only lingering questions are to whom the team will be sold and precisely when.

To that end, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk laid out his theory on what's happening behind the scenes during an interview with The Sports Junkies.

Florio, who last week reported that people inside the Commanders' building regard a sale as "imminent," theorizes that the NFL is laboring in the background to remove all possibility of Dan Snyder pulling the rug out from under them in the 11th hour.

"We reported last week — and the thing that I was stunned about it, that it stayed under wraps for nearly three months — the Snyders have packed up their stuff and cleared out," Florio said on 106.7 The Fan. "They are gone. There is no trace of them at the facility. They're out. I was told that Dan Snyder's living in London now."

"So, that to me makes it feel like this isn't some ruse that he's trying to concoct where, at the end of the day, he says 'sike!' and he's not gonna sell the team," he said. "It makes it feel like he really is gonna do it. And I was told the word in the building that's being used regarding a sale is 'imminent.'

"And, it would not surprise me at all if... and you've got NDAs out the wazoo on this thing. Everybody is sworn to secrecy. Nobody's saying anything. Wouldn't it make sense, if you're the league, especially if you're dealing with an owner that you don't know whether or not he's gonna change his mind at the last minute. Let's get everyone to the table. Let's get all the paperwork signed. Let's get our vote. We know our votes."

"Surely 32 out of 32 are gonna vote in favor of moving on from Dan Snyder if he's ready to sell to somebody who's got the money to buy the team," Florio continued. "Let's dot the Is, cross the Ts, and then we suddenly drop the sheet on this new owner. Here we are. Dan's out. New owner's in. The nightmare is over. Everyone moves on."

"That would spark euphoria if it just happens out of the blue early next week," he added, "and I'm not ready to rule out the possibility that all this stuff's quietly happening behind the scenes, no one's saying anything to anyone, and then BOOM — it's gonna be Josh Harris or whoever as the new owner of the team."

Florio went on to say he has a feeling the new owner will wind up being Josh Harris.

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