Ron Rivera dismisses ESPN report linking Commanders, Jimmy Garoppolo as 'bullcrap'


Commanders head coach Ron Rivera was disappointed to learn of an ESPN report that dropped hours before Washington was scheduled to play Philadelphia on Sunday, a report which seemed to confirm Washington's offseason pursuit of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

"That was a bullcrap report, okay? Just so that everybody understands it," Rivera said bluntly after his Commanders fell 24-8 to Philadelphia. "I didn't talk to anybody about that. I'm not sure where that all came from. I'm disappointed that came out like that, especially in today's game. I really am. Because I didn't talk to anybody about Jimmy Garoppolo."

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Schefter reported that, at this year's NFL Scouting Combine early in the offseason, San Francisco had worked out the parameters of a deal that would send Garoppolo to Washington, a deal which Schefter now reports fell through once the quarterback decided to undergo shoulder surgery. The Commanders had not yet traded for Carson Wentz at this point in the season, a deal with the Indianapolis Colts which wouldn't come to fruition until a few weeks later in March.

"The timing is what really upsets me," Rivera said, noting that the report surfaced when the Commanders were getting ready to play a football game.

"We're getting ready to play Philadelphia," he said. "You know, that to me that's... really?"

"Just, we're getting ready to play Philadelphia. Really? Come on," Rivera went on to say. "That's what I'm disappointed in. I really am. Because again, whatever it is for whatever reason, the report's got to get... Does it really have to get out? Or could it have waited until after we finished our game, then get it out? So, I'm just disappointed it got out."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rey Del Rio/Getty Images