JUNKIES: Cakes accurately predicted Rivera's business trip with Anthony Lynn


The rest of The Sports Junkies ridiculed Johnny 'Cakes' Auville for suggesting that Ron Rivera might meet with Anthony Lynn while out in California.

Hours later, Cakes was vindicated as reports surfaced that Rivera did in fact interview the 49ers assistant head coach/running backs coach, detouring from his tee times at Pebble Beach with a trip to the Bay Area.

"So I thought I would borrow EB's patented back-patting machine to give myself some flowers for being the tip of the spear on Ron going to visit Anthony Lynn while he was teeing it up out west," Cakes said Thursday.

EB: I'll let you borrow it.

Cakes: I might have had the news first! Now it was speculation...

Bish: I did basically call you an idiot for thinking that.

Cakes: There was a lot of mockery happening, so I'd like to revisit what happened on the show.

Flash back to Wednesday's show:

"Ron could also have a face-to-face with Anthony Lynn, because Ron is out in California and Anthony Lynn is the running backs coach for the Niners," Cakes said. "Maybe that's part of the plan."

Bish: You're just throwing stuff out.

Cakes: Well I mean his name's been rumored to be in the mix.

Bish: I understand, but do you think they're meeting at Pebble Beach?

Cakes: I don't know, how far is Pebble Beach from San Francisco?

Bish: Not that far, but I don't think that's happening.

At 12:49 p.m. on Wednesday, Ben Standig of The Athletic tweeted the following report:

Back to present day:

EB: Cakes nailed it. All over it. I mean literally that's exactly what he did!

JP: Although he couched it all by saying maybe. He didn't say it was going to happen.

EB: I'm giving him credit. You get credit for predicting it.

JP: You get credit for predicting a maybe?

EB: Yeah, I think so.

Drab: I heard other guys on this show and on social media on The Junkies calling Ron Rivera an idiot, saying that he's taking time off. Turns out he was working the whole time.

EB: When I heard the story, honestly I thought this is reaction to us joaning on him.

Congratulations, Cakes.

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