Someone made a Twitter account tracking Dan Snyder’s $180-million luxury yacht


After dodging a subpoena summoning him to appear before Congress last month, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has finally agreed to testify, with the House Oversight Committee scheduled to depose him next week. This comes a year after Snyder’s team was fined an unprecedented $10 million by the NFL amid rampant allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct that would constitute a hostile workplace. The scandal has rocked the NFL, yet Snyder remains defiant as ever, refusing to bow down to anyone, whether it’s Roger Goodell or the federal government.

Snyder did not attend last month’s hearing, an absence he attributed to an unusually busy schedule, visiting Israel for the one-year anniversary of his mother’s passing. A Jedi master in the ancient art of deflection, Snyder’s travel plans seemed like an awfully convenient excuse, a textbook stall tactic to keep Congress and its difficult line of questioning at arm’s length.

Snyder’s whereabouts, shuttling between various vacation destinations overseas, are the basis for a popular new Twitter account, keeping tabs on the billionaire by tracking the location of his $180-million luxury yacht, known as “Lady S.” The most recent update came Wednesday morning, with Lady S headed to Monaco after briefly docking in Catania, Italy. Meanwhile, Snyder’s private jet remains in Israel after landing there Tuesday afternoon.

Snyder continues to enjoy a life of excess, circling the globe without a care in the world, unbothered by the destruction he’s caused or any of the heinous allegations threatening his position as one of the wealthiest powerbrokers in all of professional sports. Who knows if Snyder’s empire will crumble or if he’ll keep laughing all the way to the bank, though believers in karma would have to think the 57-year-old’s jig is almost up, going to such elaborate lengths to elude Congress, using every resource at his disposal to avoid anything resembling accountability.

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