Adrian Peterson was 'blindsided' by release from Washington


Adrian Peterson was "blindsided" by his release from the Washington Football Team on Friday, the running back tells 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier.

"I didn't know that this was happening," Peterson told 106.7 The Fan a short time after his release. "It kind of caught me off guard, kind of blindsided me."

"But I got a call this morning from Coach Rivera," he explained, "and he just told me to come in and see him. You usually don't get a call at 7 a.m. from the head coach. So I didn't really think too much, but it was like, uh, I don't know, so I just made it to the building, got my COVID test, went in and had the conversation with him and they (told me) that the team was releasing me."

Peterson, 35, was in good spirits and remains confident fans haven't seen the last of him after 13 NFL seasons.

"I just prayed on it and I know God's will will be done," he said. "I still want to play the game. That's something I've said for the past couple of years now and I felt like I had a great camp, as far as just learning the new offense and taking everything in and just making those adjustments."

"So like Coach Rivera said today, it was something that was tough, it was a hard decision for them to come up with," he continued. "But strictly because of just the youth being the direction they wanted to go in, unfortunately it didn't work out for me."

Peterson was fully understanding of Washington's decision, saying you needn't look any further than the young running backs on the roster know why he was released.

"You know, it's a credit to those young guys," Peterson said. "Antonio Gibson is a great person and a great football player. I've loved and enjoyed what I've seen from him and how he's continued to progress over the past couple of weeks.

"Bryce Love, I've been around him and just his process of grinding to make it back to play this game he loves, and just to see how he has continued to progress, and these last couple weeks especially, seeing what he's been able to do, it's been very impressive. The future is definitely bright for him."

"They got a good group of guys in the backfield and Coach Randy (Jordan) is doing a great job with them," he said. "I don't know. I had been taking reps with the ones, and I had kind of seen that diminish when it came to different personnel, with Gibson and J.D. being kind of focal guys, so I knew that it would be more of a limited role when it came to those packages, but didn't see this coming."

Peterson doesn't hold any resentment towards Rivera or the Washington Football organization, saying, "I enjoyed my time with the Washington Redskins, being around Coach Rivera and his new staff, Coach Del Rio, defensively what those guys are gonna be doing and offensively."

"It's going to be interesting to kind of sit back and, when I have time, to see what those guys are able to do, taken I've been through this entire process with them and this change," he said.

"I feel like the future's bright for me," Peterson added. "I just gotta pin toes down and keep pushing. It's a business and I understand that. I've been around for 14 years, so I know it can unfortunately end up this way."

When the news broke, Peterson says he received a text from a friend, who's serving in the military overseas.

"He said, 'He who says it can't be done shouldn't discourage the man doing it,'" Peterson relayed the text. "And I feel like that was such a great comment that he sent to me and it kind of reflects this time that I'm going through right now."

"I believe in myself," he added. "I believe in my ability and what I can do."