Miracle comeback only bought Alex Smith one game before family was back to 'demanding expectations'


I still can't quite contemplate how Alex Smith takes the football field every week in the 2020 season. I understand that the love of the game can prevail over all other factors, but seeing as the veteran quarterback's life was on the line due to an injury suffered in a game around two years ago today, it still makes me grimace when I see him under center. I can't even imagine how his family must feel every week if that's how I'm feeling.

But, instead of nerves, they showed confidence and pride in his season debut.

And, surprisingly, following that debut effort, they're right back to where they were before the injury happened. Watching him every game, cheering for his highs and, according to Smith himself, criticizing him for his lows.

"I played in the Giants game and I had some success and thought we had a good chance to come back and win that, and then I threw two really poor interceptions late that cost us the game," Smith said on "The Peter King Podcast," chuckling afterward. "And I come home, and both my wife and oldest son are both like, 'Who were you throwing to?' at the end of that game. 'What were you thinking?'

"...I think it was only two weeks later, I'm like, what happened to the family that was just so happy I was playing and now all of a sudden it's demanding expectations? But I mean that in a good way... but we're back to that now. We're back to demanding results."

That was quick! A two-year recovery with the miraculous overcoming of various obstacles granted him a week's worth of free passes for poor play? I guess after seeing your husband/father come back from an injury like that one means that expectations are high by default, but I think the majority of Washington fans are willing to cut him just a little slack before jumping on his mistakes.

But Smith likely made up for his interceptions by leading the NFL in passing yards in Week 10 with 390, and coming away with his first victory of the season last week against the Bengals. The comeback tour just keeps getting better for a true inspiration on the gridiron.

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