Russell: Dwayne Haskins could go for 'dirt cheap' on NFL trade market


With quarterback Dwayne Haskins reportedly being shopped around on the NFL trade market, Chris Russell believes the circumstances could dictate that the Washington Football Team ends up waiting until the offseason to try to move the former 15th overall pick.

"People believe around the NFL that Dwayne Haskins can be had for basically dirt cheap," Chris Russell explained to The Sports Junkies on Monday. "Now, what is dirt cheap? Sixth-round pick, conditional? Fifth-round pick?"

"Remember, Josh Rosen got a late second-round pick, I guess it was a year-and-a-half ago in the draft after (Arizona) took Kyler Murray," he said. "There's no chance they're getting a late second-round pick for Dwayne Haskins. No chance.

"So if Washington looks around and says, 'Okay, look. We could get a conditional fifth-round pick — let's just call it that — maybe we'd pull the trigger. But, if not, maybe with this circus show that we have going on at quarterback right now, Dwayne Haskins somehow finds himself back in, and really takes this seriously, and really works hard and reclaims his career, and we have a chance the last three, four, five games to put some good tape on him.'"

"So maybe they hold back and they wait, and they see if they can try and up that to a conditional third-round pick in the offseason," Russell said. "We don't know how these things are gonna work out, that's why I want to be really, really careful here. I mean, JLC can report whatever he wants to report. I think we've all heard some of the same things."

The bottom line, Russell said, is "what we don't know is: A) what's being offered; B) how many teams are involved; and C) do they sit there and try to up the ante a little bit?"

The Sports Junkies noted how ESPN's John Keim informed them earlier that no teams have been calling on Haskins, to this point. That came in response to Keim speaking to Haskins' convenient sick day on Sunday, and how he has no choice but to take Ron Rivera at his word that Haskins was, in fact, sick. In spite of the curious timing, of Haskins coming down with a stomach virus the same day he's scheduled to be inactive for the first time this season.

"Where it does lead, is it leads to a lot of other questions," Keim said. "And so, you talk to people like, 'Has he requested a trade? Has he done this? Has he done that?' None of that has happened at this point, and no teams are calling them, certainly."

"And that's part of the problem," Russell said of the apparent lack of interest in Haskins. "Now I hadn't heard specifically that, but it was more like a desire from the team to potentially explore ending this, so that they're not dealing with this circus and this drama.

"Again, that doesn't mean it doesn't take two to tango. Of course it does. And that's part of the problem, and that's why I always thought it would be during the offseason, when teams have a chance to kind of sit around and evaluate."

Other teams' unwillingness to take an interest in Haskins, Russell said, is rooted in more than just his on-field performance.

"Because if you think about it," Russell continued. "If you're a team that had a high grade on Dwayne. We don't even know what Carolina had on Dwayne. My guess is it wasn't a very good grade. Maybe it was a second-round grade. Maybe it was a third-round grade. Who knows?

"With his reputation right now around the NFL, (I'd be) hard-pressed to think that there's more than one or two teams tops that would even be interested in him, never mind willing to take him on midway through the season and pay him whatever his contract is that the Washington Football Team wouldn't have to pay – and I haven't figured all that out – but then start to work on developing him."

"And knowing, quite honestly, what everyone around the NFL has known for a long time, is that he's not a hard worker and he's immature," Russell said. "And I know that's rough, and I know that's harsh, and I don't know the kid as well as I'd like to know the kid — part of the issues here — but that's the book on him by many, many, many different people. And that extends to the entire NFL."

"That isn't here. That isn't radio. That isn't media in D.C. looking for a salacious story," Russell added. "That is the book on him and everyone knows it."

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