'Tall Ask' For Offense To Perform At High Level In Week 1


One rejuvenating thought heading into Washington's season opener that's entirely unique from past seasons is how little we actually know about their offense.

In fact, it's been six years since we've known this little about the offense.

Sure, we know the players involved and what they can do on paper, and we understand Scott Turner is bringing his own brand of offense, but with such limited public exposure during training camp and no preseason to preview its potential, Washington's offense will finally reveal itself on Sunday against the Eagles.

What should fans expect? That's the unanswerable question, which Logan Paulsen tried his hand at answering on Friday with The Sports Junkies.

"I think it's gonna be a tall ask for Haskins to come out and be a world-beater right away," Paulsen cautioned. "They've got a whole bunch of new pieces in some very vital roles on the offense, and I do think that, because they're green, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be bad, but it does kind of mean that they are inexperienced and there's a lot of learning to be done."

"And I think with a limited offseason, limited training camp, no preseason," he said, "I think it's difficult for young players to come in and step in right away."

Paulsen turned to rookie Antonio Gibson as an example.

"You know I was talking to Chris Russell yesterday and he said Gibson, a guy that a lot of people have a lot of high hopes for in terms of productivity in the offense, was having a hard time getting lined up at the beginning of training camp and learning the offense of Scott Turner," Paulsen said. "And I think that is to be expected. He wasn't in the classroom. And people don't understand at the NFL level, like you have to be a student almost first before you can execute on the field at a high level.

"I think people should keep that in mind going into this weekend. Young skill players; green, new offense — it's going to be a tall, tall ask for them to come out and play at a very high level. And if they do, more power to them."

"They do have a great coaching staff there with Ron Rivera and I think it's entirely possible," he added, "but I think people need to keep in mind how challenging that's going to be for them."