Ron Rivera on what a package for a Deshaun Watson-type player might look like


Ron Rivera won't talk about what the Washington Football Team would have to give up to trade for Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson. But, Washington's head coach is willing to talk about what he'd have to give up to get a player of Watson's caliber.

During his weekly appearance with The Sports Junkies, presented by F.H. Furr, Rivera was asked about the NFL's upcoming trade deadline, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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Considering the "coach-centric" approach put in place when Rivera was hired in Jan. 2020, the coach was asked who — between he, GM Martin Mayhew, Executive VP of Player Personnel Marty Hurney, and team owners Dan and Tanya Snyder — would have the final decision to pull the trigger on a trade for someone like Watson.

"Okay now, let's make sure everybody knows, because I can't talk about a player on somebody else's roster right now," Rivera prefaced his response. "But if you were to make a trade with anybody in the league, the idea is you sit down, you talk about it. Then you go back and you watch tape. Then you go back and you sit down with the coordinator, and you talk about how that person would fit into what we do.

"Then you would sit there and you'd say, 'Okay, now, what are we willing to give up? Are we willing to give up some core players that we've put in place? Are we willing to give up draft picks into the future?' And then decide. Hey, if this is the type of package we want to offer, and we're okay getting rid of a couple of first-round picks we've had the last couple of yea