Sheehan: Russell Wilson 'not against' being traded to Washington


Could the Washington Commanders wind up with their next franchise quarterback even before the NFL Draft?

If the Seattle Seahawks make quarterback Russell Wilson available for trade this offseason (the biggest of ifs), then all bets are off. One would have to figure that, entering year three under head coach Ron Rivera, it's a lock Washington would set its sights on the 33-year-old passer.

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There is some growing sizzle behind this bit of speculation and innuendo. On Friday, with Commanders defensive lineman Jonathan Allen participating in the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas, Allen's wife, Hannah, posted a photo of the couple posing with Wilson and his wife, Ciara.

That photo — as casual as it was — set off a maelstrom of social media activity from Washington fans searching for a deeper meaning.

That speculation carried over through the weekend and, by Monday morning, Kevin Sheehan added this tidbit of information to the mix on The Team 980.

"I did talk to a few people in Vegas," Sheehan said on The Kevin Sheehan Show. "And the only thing that I will tell you is something that I feel confident in, based on the sources, and that is that Russell Wilson is not against being traded to Washington."

Wilson is under contract with Seattle for two more years, through the 2023 NFL season. Coming off their first losing season in 2021 (7-10) in a decade (2011), there is some sense that the Seahawks could be on a collision course with an all-out rebuild.

Since Pete Carroll took over as head coach in 2010, Seattle's only missed the playoffs three times (2011, 2017, 2021). But with its lone Super Bowl victory now eight years in the rear view, a rebuild might be unavoidable, which might presumably leave all options on the table. Even if that means trading its 33-year-old franchise quarterback.

"Now, will Seattle move him?" Sheehan went on to say. "I think like last year, I think Russ will potentially be looking at options and maybe even pushing options in Seattle, but that doesn't mean Seattle has to trade him. Obviously, they've got him under contract.

"So the first part would be: Is Seattle going to actually listen to offers for Russell Wilson? I have no idea on that answer. And then the second part of that is: Would Washington be the one willing to step up and pay big time? Now, I think the answer to that is yes. I think the answer to Washington stepping up and paying the price, and maybe paying above retail for Russell Wilson, I think it's something they would do."

"I think Russell Wilson had four teams on his wish list last year and none of them were Washington," he continued. "My guess is, if he were to put together a list and if we were to read about a report of a list this year, that list might include Washington. So, there you go. The Commanders, that is. The Washington Commanders."

Listen beginning around the 24-minute mark below.

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