Ryan Fitzpatrick: WFT the 'best situation I've ever been in' in my career


The Washington Football Team comes into 2021 as one of the most hyped playoff teams from a season ago.

While they only squeaked into the postseason at 7-9 in 2020, the idea is that their defense, the hallmark of the team, has only improved in the offseason, and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, while no world-beater, is still believed to be a vast improvement over the combo of Dwayne Haskins, Alex Smith and Kyle Allen last year.

The WFT hype isn't just external.

During a Monday appearance on the 'ESPN Daily' podcast, Fitzpatrick called it "the best situation" he's ever been in as a QB in his entire 16-year NFL career.

"This is the best situation I've ever been in, or the best situation that I've ever gone into, as the guy," Fitzpatrick said.

"I signed to be the starter in Houston. I signed to be the starter in Miami. So this is now the third team that I've signed to come in and be the starter for," he said. "I just feel like the way that I'm playing the last four years, kind of the progression of my career, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense that 17 years in, physically, I feel great. Mentally, emotionally, I'm in the right spot. I just think I am set up for success this year and am really looking forward to it."

An NFL quarterback putting it all together at age 38 doesn't really make a whole lot of logical sense. Still, Fitzpatrick is a unique bird, someone who's bounced around the league more than most as a QB for nine different teams.

Is it possible that he just now fell into the ideal situation in his 17th season? Only time will tell. But it sure will add to the hype.