The Sports Junkies' 2021 Washington Football Team Predictions


The Sports Junkies gave their season predictions for the Washington Football Team on Thursday, an annual rite of passage after every schedule release.

Among the quirks to the NFL schedule in 2021 is the extra game. Washington will play 17 times this year, including five of its six division games in the final five weeks of the regular season. A bizarre arrangement, to be sure.

What stood out above all else among The Junkies' 2021 predictions was Cakes, who is almost laughably bullish on the Washington Football Team.

His abnormally positive review hinges on those final five weeks, where it's his guess that Washington cleans up in the absolute crucible of its remaining schedule.

"I have Washington 5-1 in the division," Cakes said, noting the change from his previous pre-draft prediction. "I have improved from 11-6."

Week 14: Cowboys (W)
Week 15: AT Philadelphia (W)
Week 16: AT Dallas (L)
Week 17: Eagles (W)
Week 18: AT New York (W)

"You've got 'em at 12 wins," said Bish in disbelief.

"12-5," Cakes confirmed.

"Please bet me," Bish urged.

Cakes also has Washington winning its playoff rematch against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the defending Super Bowl champs, coming out of the bye in Week 10.

"When's the last time Washington's won 12 games?" asked Bish.

1991 is the answer.

There was one other glowing prediction that stood out.

Valdez, who's doing this weird bit where he pretends he knew Washington was on the rise before everyone else, has the Football Team going 11-6.

To quote the soothsayer on Monday, "I was on Washington I think before it was trendy and cool."

In fairness, that's a pretty big leap of faith, predicting that a playoff team from last year — with the best defensive line in the NFL — will be good again.

Junkies 2021 WFT Predictions:

Cakes: 12-5
EB: 10-7
JP: 8-9
Bish: 7-10
Drab: 7-10
Valdez: 11-6

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