Steve Smith Sr. tees off on Curtis Samuel, Scott Turner


With the Washington Football Team playing Carolina on Sunday, longtime Panthers great Steve Smith Sr. had some takes to get off his chest, and they won't leave Washington fans feeling any better about their 3-6 team.

First off, Smith suggested that Washington's offense will rarely rise above predictable under coordinator Scott Turner.

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Steve Smith Sr. bodies Curtis Samuel & Scott Turner
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"I have an interesting take on Scott Turner," Smith told 106.7 The Fan's BMitch & Finlay. "Scott Turner only knows one offense. And I've said this before and people will say, 'Oh, he's biased. He doesn't like it.' Man, I'm a football player. I've learned four or five different offenses. Have I excelled in all of them? Some of them, it took me a little bit of time, because the wording and how it is is complex.

"But Scott Turner is a really good offensive coordinator for what he knows — he knows one scheme. And when you only know one scheme, that can get you in trouble, because you're only gonna go back... you have too much film on you. You have film that, one, you can't evolve; you have no new wrinkles that are shocking. And long term, you're always gonna fall back and run the exact same stuff."

"Scott Turner's offense, Jason Garrett's offense and a few others are all from one guy: [Norv] Turner," he continued. "They all have been there, and they're all running some type of version of it. And I hate to say it, all those guys are not damn successful in the last two years, are they?"

Secondly, Smith spared no mercy for wide receiver Curtis Samuel, whom Washington signed to a three-year, $34.5 million deal this offseason. Prior to signing with Washington, Samuel played for the Panthers for four seasons. Since signing with Washington, he's played in only two games (30 total plays) for the Football Team. He's spent the majority of his time on the side field in practices due to a nagging groin injury that just won't quit.

"Y'all paid Curtis Samuel $75 million," Smith said (a bit off on the numbers). "You know why? Because Scott Turner's comfortable with him. He knows what he's gonna get. Y'all overpaid. Good luck. Thank you. Next?"

After a period of laughter from BMitch & Finlay, Smith got back on the bike: "Hey, I'm bodying people this m