The Sports Junkies doubt RG3's upcoming book will include any serious bombshells


Robert Griffin II promises to "open your eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls of that building" in an upcoming tell-all about his time with the Washington Football Team that's slated to hit shelves next August.

The former Washington quarterback announced the book — 'Surviving Washington,' which will be written with author Gary Myers — in a promotional video on Tuesday.

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The Sports Junkies offered their reaction to the announcement Wednesday morning, questioning a number of claims made by Griffin in teasing the book. For starters, they question whether the book's even been written yet.

JP: He says he's written it.

EB: Yeah, you know he hasn't written it.

JP: You think he just signed a deal?

EB: Or probably has some rough manuscript, you know, some outline. I'm sure he hasn't written it.

Simon & Schuster, the book's publisher, teases that Griffin's "eye-opening and moving memoir" will shine a light on "the toxic environment" Griffin witnessed with "medical mismanagement and sexual harassment in the most dysfunctional organization in sports today, overseen by Daniel Snyder."

Among his own personal gripes with the announcement, Sports Junkies host Eric Bickel questions Griffin's motives behind including details of sexual harassment, when the quarterback never bothered to speak out publicly while he was still employed by the organization.

Bickel reiterated this point on Wednesday's broadcast.

EB: It does irritate me a little bit, because, obviously if he knew of any sexual harassment that was going on, and he's gonna do some big reveal in nine months. I mean, that's just unethical, right? If you see stuff like that going on, you should probably speak up. I'm sure we all have seen things that we probably should speak up about.

Several former employees of the team, who have previously shared their experiences of harassment in a series of reports from The Washington Post, have publicly taken exception to the notion that Griffin may be attempting to capitalize off of their lived experiences. Those reports, in part, served as the lightning rod that stoked the NFL to open a nearly year-long investigation into the Washington organization's workplace culture, the findings from which have yet to be released publicly.

EB: But if you say that you're gonna have these grand revelations... I'm almost willing to throw cash down [that] this book never gets published, IF he has real revelations. Because, if you threaten Dan, his lawyers are gonna be after him! There's no way lawyers are gonna sit on the sideline and wait for Robert to drop this nuke and expose all of these supposed illegalities. There's just no way. They'll threaten him. They'll just threaten him. There's no way this is coming out with any real allegations.

JP: Yeah, my guess is Gary Myers is going to do a ton of research with everything that's out there and compile it into a chapter or two.

Bish: Gary Myers is a respectable author, so yeah, he's probably going to have to do some fact-checking.

EB: I'm sure. Because, I'm just telling you, we have first-hand experience with certain things. If you throw some allegations out there, be prepared — even if they're 100 percent true — be prepared to go to court! Be prepared to go to court over it.

The Junkies agreed that, at most, the final version of Griffin's book, if it even makes it to print, will be a sanitized version of the truth.

To that end, Simon & Schuster says in describing the book: "A football memoir unlike any other, this is a powerful story of survival and the importance of speaking up no matter the risks."

EB: There's no way this book's gonna come out. There's no way he's gonna have real allegations nine months from now...

Bish: I think the book's gonna come out. Maybe he doesn't talk about that as much as he says he is.

EB: Maybe some book comes out and he talks about running around, but there's no way real allegations, like between now and nine months. There's just no way. It's never gonna happen.

JP: I would bet the book comes out. That type of book, which has an author like Gary Myers, they're probably gonna have lawyers look at it and it's gonna be sanitized before it ever hits. But it's probably just gonna be a well-researched deal by Gary Myers and he's gonna throw in his two cents.

EB: No, I understand what you're doing. You're minimizing RG3's involvement. I get it. Robert will have nothing to do with it. But, if he has real allegations, they're not gonna be bombshell allegations between now and nine months. Not gonna happen.

JP: That's what I'm saying. Correct.

EB: Because the lawyers will threaten so much, it's never gonna get published.

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