Bradley Beal admits he's not vaccinated ahead of 2021-22 Wizards season


Wizards star Bradley Beal is not vaccinated against Covid-19 and does not care to share his reasoning with reporters beyond "personal reasons."

Like other American sports leagues, the NBA has tried to walk a fine line between encouraging its players to get vaccinated ahead of the coming season while also still allowing them to make their own personal choices.

For some teams, though, the personal choice has already been removed, as is the case in New York City and San Francisco, where local mandates would prevent Knicks, Nets and Warriors players, respectively, from participating in home games without being vaccinated. Those same local mandates do not apply to players from visiting teams, however.

Beal was supposed to play for Team USA this summer but had to pull out of the Tokyo Olympics after being placed in USA Basketball's health and safety protocols. While it was never confirmed that had Covid at the time or was merely a close contact, Beal did confirm on Monday that he has contracted the infection at some point in the past, saying, "I mean yeah, I had it. But that doesn't mean I can't get it again."