Is Chris Bosh's championship assertion for the Wizards really as crazy as it sounds?


No one's arguing that Chris Bosh doesn't know what it takes to win as a two-time NBA champion himself.

Actually, plenty of people are arguing that after Bosh said last week he thinks the Wizards, who finished this season with a losing record (34-38) and got bounced from the playoffs in the first round, are ready to compete for a championship.

"I think that the Wizards have what it takes to really compete for a championship," Bosh said on ESPN's 'The Jump,' suggesting it's important Washington takes input from Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal on the Wizards' next head coach.

"I don't think it's any question that with Russ and with Bradley, that they have tremendous talent," Bosh said. "I think they need a head coach to come in there and really perform right away. And you want their attitudes good coming into training camp, you want their confidence, and I think sometimes their recommendation and their voices, I think they should be heard."

And if Bosh's opinion wasn't clear enough by that point, he drove it home one final time for good measure, saying the Wizards "can put themselves in a very strong position really, like I said before, to compete for a championship."

Bosh added: "In my mind, they're right there."

While Bosh's assertion may seem ludicrous on its face, The Sports Junkies — or one-fourth of them, at least — wondered whether he might be picking up on something that goes unnoticed by the casual basketball fan.

Cakes: Do we need to do a welfare check on Chris Bosh? ...Is he alright? Is Chris Bosh okay?

Bish: I don't know how much basketball he watches, now that he's retired.

EB: That's a hoooooot take right there, boy.

JP: Well, look... they were on a tear in the second half of the season. And we just saw the Hawks come within a couple games of making it to the Finals. The Hawks were the four seed, beat the Knicks in the first round, and then surprised everybody by advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. And they ended up losing to the Bucks. But I still contend that this Wizards team could move up to be like a four-seed.

Bish: But they've got to add pieces, that's what you're saying.

JP: Correct. They need to add shooting, and [Wizards GM] Tommy Sheppard kind of downplayed that when he came on the show, but I know when we had Tim Doyle, he felt really strongly about the same thing. You have to have shooters to surround Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

Cakes: Well, they thought they were doing that when they signed [Davis] Bertans to an $80 million deal. Now, it was the first year coming out of covid. He had some issues. He has to be much better next year, if you're surrounding Russ and Brad with shooters.

JP: Look, I'm not saying they have the same team, but the Phoenix Suns could win the NBA Finals.

Bish: Yep. So what are you saying?

JP: Chris Paul/Russell Westbrook. Devin Booker/Bradley Beal. It's comparable. Now, Chris Paul is a more traditional point guard and his assist-to-turnover ratio is much better. I understand that.

Bish: They just have more pieces. They're just better.

JP: Correct, they've got more pieces on the periphery and Deandre Ayton's proven to be a really good center. But, I don't know, I'm more optimistic than you guys on the Wizards. When you get Thomas Bryant back, Deni [Avdija] back... if Deni can develop and Rui [Hachimura] continues to develop, and you add a couple of pieces. Wing players. They need wing players who can shoot. That's what they need.

Bish: And defenders. You've got to stop somebody.

JP: I'm not as big on defense. Nobody stops anybody nowadays.

Bish: Well, I mean, you've got to stop somebody on critical possessions and they just don't have it.