Don't Ask AWadd To Start a Podcast

Tune in to Adam Epstein weekdays on the Fan.
Tune in to Adam Epstein weekdays on the Fan. Photo credit Audacy

Apparently, Adam Epstein gets asked a lot about starting a podcast. Don't do that.

On Tuesday (June 28), he discussed this trend and why he hates it so much.

"I'm tired of being asked when, as soon as someone finds out that I'm a radio host, I'm tired of being asked 'why don't you start a podcast?'", he said. "Stop asking me to start a podcast. You know why? I've done six of them. I did a Wizards one, I did an NFL one, I did one just about the Commanders, I did Play to Win with three of my friends. Now it's a segment on our show. I've done six freaking podcasts. I'm done with all of them.

"And here's what's so frustrating -- my show is also a podcast. [...] Anybody could start a podcast. You think I wouldn't have thought about that already? You're so smart. You're so high and mighty, because you came up with the idea that AWadd should start a podcast to extend his radio family. Are you stupid? I get paid to talk on the radio. That's 10 times better than a podcast. Take that for a podcast and shove it up here."

Listen to more of the segment below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Audacy