Grant Paulsen already has his Wizards preseason sleeper


Grant Paulsen was at Capital One Arena last night to watch the Wizards play some preseason basketball, and for all he’s heard about draft picks and acquisitions and the new era, what he saw on the court last night led him to pick one “sleeper” for the 2023-24 squad – one he will “put my NBA scouting rep and mindset on the line for.”

“There was a guy I fell in love with last night – this dude can play in the league. He played some games on terrible teams last year, and he will probably start on the Go-Go if I had to guess, but I will bet my reputation that he plays minutes for the Wizards this season and you won't hate his guts.”

That man was No. 97 in your program Tuesday, but No. 1 in Grant’s heart.

“His name is Eugene Omoruyi,” Grant revealed, to a response from Danny of “I don’t know who that is.”

GP sure does, though.

“He is a junkyard dog. He is scrappy as hell, he can shoot if a little bit in rhythm off a screen, and hit a three,” Grant said. “He looks like he should have played in the NBA like 22 years ago, he’s a tweener four who was like 6-foot-7, so this is not a delusions of grandeur here, but Eugene Omoruyi will have an NBA career…stamp of approval right now!”

For those who need the quick intro to Grant’s new crush, Omoruyi played college hoops at Rutgers and then Oregon, went undrafted in 2021, and has spent time in the Mavericks, Thunder, Pistons, and now Wizards organizations – mostly in the G-League, but with 44 career games and averages of 6.5 points and 2.7 boards in 15.5 minutes in those contests.

Diamond in the rough, or another rock in the rabble?

“I don't know, man, that guy can play; I watched one game and said, ‘more of him!’” Grant said.

Danny tried to prove Grant’s previous rep by invoking his thoughts on Jayson Tatum, picking Ja Morant over Zion Williamson in terms of talent, and now, Eugene Omoruyi.

“We have a guy on the same plane, you’ve called stardom,” Danny laughed.

“The other two times, I was like, that guy who everyone thinks might go seventh, two months from the draft, I think he should go 1-1,” Grant fired back. “This time, I’m thinking this G-Leaguer is gonna average 10 points in the Association at some point. Baller status!”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images