Eric Bickel wants the Wizards to be ALL IN on the tank


The Wizards’ roster looks radically different than it did just seven days ago, as the new front office has overhauled the team via a trio of trades for their Big 3 (and then another for CP3) and the NBA Draft.

GM Will Dawkins said when he visited the Junkies last week that “the heavy lifting is done,” but that he would continue looking for ways to improve the roster if they came about.

So what’s next? SB Nation’s Bullets Forever site had some ideas on four players the Wizards could look at…and after EB read it, he had no idea why they would even consider improving.

“This doesn’t make sense to me – isn’t the goal to win 15 games? It’s too early to get better, they should just be playing bums,” EB said.

When JP noted that the idea should be accruing as much young talent as possible to build for the future, EB wanted it done…next year.

“You have to get the first pick and start there, so you have to win 15 games or less next season,” Eric said. “If you win 25 games and go ‘oh, we have some nice young pieces’ and get the third pick, you didn’t really tank.
If you’re going all in on the tank, stop acquiring talent. Play the G League guys.”

The idea, it seems, is buy low and maybe get some gems, but EB wants losses galore.

“You don’t want dividends, you want losses,” EB said.

“If I’m GM of the Wizards, they don’t have a lot of size,” JP said. “You have a lot of point guards and combo guards, and then you have a lot of shooting forwards – not a lot of big guys on the depth chart other than Daniel Gafford and Mike Muscala. I could see them taking a flier on some bigger guys.”

Jonathan Kuminga is a name on that Bullets Forever list, and the 6-foot-7 forward’s name is being bandied about in trade rumors – maybe the former No. 7 pick is a possibility?

“He’s the perfect type of guy, because it’s hard to find playing time on the Wizards,” Drab said.

“Why do you want a good young player? We want to win 15 games,” EB replied.

“The Pistons and Rockets are the worst teams in the NBA, and they’re filled with young players with potential – you have to develop those guys,” Drab replied.

“But not yet,” was EB’s consistent response. “We already have Jordan Poole!”

“Jonathan Kuminga is not going to add 15 wins to the Wizards now, but he might in five years!” Drab replied.

EB won’t give it up, he’s all in on the tank, even as Drab tried to explain it all – and take a listen to the whole segment above!

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