Wizards give Bradley Beal NBA's only full no-trade clause


When NBA free agency began last week, it took less than a minute for Bradley Beal to agree to a new contract with the Wizards.

Now, it's clear why the 29-year-old who's spent his entire 10-year NBA career in Washington, couldn't wait to put pen to paper on a new $251 million max deal that will keep him in the nation's capital for five more years.

The Wizards granted Beal a full no-trade clause, the only one of its kind in the NBA, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.

What differentiates his no-trade clause from others is that Beal now has the power to veto any potential trade scenario, while most NBA no-trade clauses can only limit the pool of teams to which a player can be traded.

"I was stunned when my colleague, Bobby Marks, reported that yesterday," ESPN's Tim Bontemps told The Sports Junkies on Thursday. "Again, that's a hell of job by Mark Bartelstein to get that in there. I'm really surprised that the Wizards. I mean on the one hand, you can say that Brad's probably gonna be there for awhile."

"On the other, if they do decide to trade him," he continued, "I guess the thinking there is guys, frankly, that if you're gonna trade Brad, generally the way these things go — and we'll see what happens with the Kevin Durant situation — it'll be a team that he wants to go to anyway."

"And he'll just waive it," chimed Junkies host Jason Bishop.

"Right," Bontemps agreed. "In baseball... I know in baseball it's a lot more common to say, like, I'm gonna have this limited no-trade where I'll go to one of these eight teams. And I think sort of the way these guys handle these negotiations player-wise is like, 'Hey, I'll waive this to go to one of five teams. You negotiate with them. Whatever deal you get, I'll go there.' So, my guess is that's how it would eventually go if he gets traded, but again, all credit due to Mark Bartelstein, because I was not expecting that. I certainly expected Brad to get the full boat; I was not expecting him to also get a no-trade."

"Well I think part of it just goes into the fact that the Wizards, they feel like they can't get a player better than Bradley Beal, so they're gonna go above and beyond to do whatever they have to to secure his services and to make him happy," said John Auville. "They're all about making Bradley Beal as happy as he can be, and I think this contract clearly reflects that."

"Yeah. And look. Honestly, too, I know everybody is sort of in the mode now where it's like you kill these teams for trying to win 45 games," said Bontemps, "but I also don't think it's a crime for them to try to be as good as possible every year.

"Bradley Beal's a great player. He's one of the 20 best players on the planet. Like, I get why you would want to have him on your team and I get why you're trying to build around him. But at the same time, I'd also understand the frustration of a fan that's looking at this team saying these guys are sort of hovering around .500."

"You also do look at this team and think, well, they're kind of hovering around 10th in the East," Bontemps continued. "They might make the play-in, they might not, and that's sort of what the ceiling is right now. I could see that being a frustrating thing for fans at the same time."