Ken Dorsey getting to know Dalton Kincaid, will figure out how he fits Bills' offense

Dorsey also knows the Bills offense will evolve from year-to-year

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WGR 550) – Ken Dorsey is entering his second season as the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe the biggest thing fans want to know this offseason is how Dorsey is going to use 2023 first-round tight end Dalton Kincaid. Dorsey says it’s something that will play out through practices now and into training camp.

"I love his approach. He’s eager to learn, eager to build a foundation, and that’s important," said Dorsey ahead of Tuesday's practice at Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

"We’re nowhere close to knowing exactly that this or what the big picture is going to be, because we have to learn him and he has to learn us within the system and the direction we’re going. How we’re going to use him, where we’re going to use him is to be determined, and we won’t get a great feel of it as coaches until we start getting into training camp and live action."

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There were times last season where the Bills offense looked good, and there were times where it didn’t. Dorsey knows you must evolve from season-to-season.

"I felt very comfortable with what we were doing last year. That’s what I learned from 'Dabs' [Brian Daboll] is that offense is constantly evolving, and you’re constantly adjusting certain things based on the personnel that you have. That’s all part of where we’re going right now," he said.

"I think the critical thing now is not rushing to make a decision right now on this is what it’s going to be, because we have to grow and learn those pieces."

Last week, Bills quarterback Josh Allen talked about his motivation for this season, and Dorsey says he’s using practice now to continue to get this offense better.

"It’s been great getting the OTAs and those things back together, because now you can sit down and have those conversations about, 'Here’s what I was thinking in this scenario,' and then that feedback of, 'What were you thinking?' Getting down to those situations and asking, 'What did you see? What were you thinking?' Those are the types of conversations that are great to have with him," Dorsey said.

"You want to be on the same page as the quarterback, and when we go back and look at it, a lot of the times we really were. As we continue that process, things are going to come up, and there’ll be times where he’ll say he’s not comfortable running this, which is fine. You want that honest feedback."

On the other side of the ball, the Bills have to pick someone to replace Tremaine Edmunds at middle linebacker.

Terrel Bernard has been mentioned as someone who could get the job, as well as 2023 third-round pick Dorian Williams. Others in the mix are Tyrel Dodson, Baylon Spector and A.J. Klein.

Linebackers coach Bobby Babich says there’s no rush to name a starter.

"I think if you set a hard line date, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage," said Babich ahead of Tuesday's session at OTAs.

"I think it’ll happen naturally. There’ll be a conclusion at some point, and I don’t think it’s worth setting a date. I don’t think that’s advantageous for anybody. I think the decision on who will be the Day 1 starter in September will come when it comes, and our guys will have plenty of reps. We do things very methodically here. We’re paying attention to the number of reps they’re getting, and it’s a very thought out process."

The team is in its second week of OTAs. They will also be on the practice field this Wednesday and Thursday.

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