"Contenders & Pretenders" to make State Title Game in each class

Audio of segment from Scramble episode on 11-5 is below
Photo credit The Fan Upstate

The 1st round of the playoffs is in the book's after last Friday's games. This past Saturday morning, I took a look at teams still left and whether I feel they are contenders or pretenders to make the State Title Game in their class.

I laid out reasons to support my position, on each team. Remember, these are my opinions based on what I've seen this season and in past years. It's subjective and I could be totally wrong. It's no disrespect to any program that I put in the pretenders category, just an assessment of why I think they won't make the State Title game. I went through teams from our area in every class 1A-5A. The segment is below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: The Fan Upstate