The Mountain

The Mountain

The Mountain


It's About The Music! WGGY-HD2 is spinning the best Adult Rock, live from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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  • Played at 1:33 pm UTC
    Devil With The Blue Dress Medley
    Bruce Springsteen
  • Played at 1:27 pm UTC
    Rockin' At Midnight
  • Played at 1:24 pm UTC
    Tommy Bolin
  • Played at 1:19 pm UTC
    Somebody To Love
    Jefferson Airplane
  • Played at 1:09 pm UTC
    Thrill Of It All
    Roxy Music
  • Played at 1:04 pm UTC
    Run Like Hell
    Pink Floyd
  • Played at 1:01 pm UTC
  • Played at 12:53 pm UTC
    Isn't It Time
    The Babys
  • Played at 12:49 pm UTC
    Tonight Tonight
    Smashing Pumpkins
  • Played at 12:44 pm UTC
    South Bound Saurez
    Led Zeppelin
  • Played at 12:38 pm UTC
    Spill The Wine
    Eric Burdon/War
  • Played at 12:30 pm UTC
    The Who
  • Played at 12:27 pm UTC
  • Played at 12:21 pm UTC
    Listen To Her Heart
    Tomy Petty And The Heartbreakers
  • Played at 12:16 pm UTC
    All I Want Is You - (With Tom Petty And Ben
  • Played at 12:09 pm UTC
    Low Rider
  • Played at 12:03 pm UTC
    No Surrender
    Bruce Springsteen
  • Played at 12:00 pm UTC
    Times Like These
    Foo Fighters
  • Played at 11:54 am UTC
    No More Mister Nice Guy
    Alice Cooper
  • Played at 11:51 am UTC
    Texas Flood
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
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