Fans rush into dugouts for shelter during shooting outside Nationals Park


Players rushed into the stands to hurry family members into the clubhouse while fans hurried onto the field and sought shelter in the dugouts during an active shooter situation outside Nationals Park on Saturday night.

Multiple video captured inside and outside the ballpark show fans scattering and hurrying for cover after the sound of gunshots outside the third base gate at Nationals Park during Washington’s game against the Padres.

DC Metro Police said at lead two people were shot outside the ballpark, and the sounds of gunfire could be heard inside the stadium, prompting the chaos that led to a Nationals public address announcer urging fans to remain at their seats and to not rush onto the field and into the dugouts, before eventually saying it was safe to exit through the center field and right field gates.

The game was suspended and the Nationals confirmed the shooting taking place outside the park. Players on both sides rushed for shelter off the field, while Padres players, including Fernando Tatis Jr., could be seen rushing into the stands to escort loved ones into the visitor’s clubhouse.

The shooting could be heard on the TV broadcast just as the top of the sixth inning was coming to a close. The game will resume Sunday at 1:05 p.m. with San Diego leading 8-4 in the bottom of the sixth.