T.O. thinks Ben Simmons should've been 'a little bit more professional about the situation'

By , Audacy Sports

If you're a listener here on Audacy's Philadelphia affiliate 94WIP, you may have heard Terrell Owens drop by last summer and give us some more details on his complicated relationship with the Eagles and what ultimately brought it to an end. You can read all about that here, and it's definitely worth looking into if you have not yet heard his full side of the story.

The more important point here, for the sake of this article, is that Owens has gone through a tough breakup with a team in Philly before, has been suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team," and has kinda-sorta been in Ben Simmons' shoes as the 76ers' star seemingly goes through a breakup of his own — unless it's no longer going to be a breakup? I don't know. It's confusing. It's convoluted. And it was interesting to hea