Dan Snyder, Commanders front office sends memo to employees after hearing


Shortly after Wednesday’s congressional hearing on Dan Snyder and Commanders workplace misconduct concluded, the Washington owner sent a memo to team employees.

The memo, also labeled from Tanya Snyder and team president Jason Wright, addressed the hearing and how it didn’t reflect the atmosphere around the organization in the present day.

“While we respect the committee’s desire to learn more about how workplace culture issues can be addressed, some of the comments in the media have portrayed our team in a harsh and negative manner that does not reflect who we are as an organization today,” the memo read. Nor do they acknowledge that for the past two years we have been dedicated to making much needed and meaningful changes to our workplace culture and improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices team-wide.”

The memo went on to list changes made to the organization in recent years, diversity hires, and included some written findings by the independent firm Vestry Light, which was hired to investigate the team’s progress with improving workplace culture.

The hearing concluded with committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney announcing that Snyder would be issued with a subpoena to testify next week.