Commanders QB Sam Howell makes shocking admission: ‘I’ve never had a steak’


Introducing himself to the D.C. fan base for the very first time, Commanders newcomer Sam Howell dropped an all-time truth bomb, delivering the stunning revelation that in his 21 years navigating this blue marble we call Earth, he has never once bit into a rare, juicy cut of steak.

Sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, filet mignon, Porterhouse … if it comes from a cow, it’s a safe bet the rookie has never tried it.

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Now that he’s an NFL quarterback, Howell can expect plenty of endorsement opportunities, though we can probably rule out any future partnership with Outback Steakhouse or even burger joints like Shake Shack and Five Guys. Of course, it’s well-documented Snoop Dogg doesn’t drink alcohol, yet it hasn’t stopped Corona from plastering his face on every billboard this side of Tijuana.

The irony of Howell eschewing steak and burgers is that he’s not even a vegetarian. Far from it. In fact, while at North Carolina, Howell would show up to team dinners with chicken tenders he brought from home. Call him the anti-Jim Harbaugh (the Michigan coach has famously sworn off chicken, dismissing it as a “nervous bird”).

Howell may need to develop his palette at some point, though Wade Boggs’ poultry infatuation, eating it before each of his 2,439 major-league games, obviously didn’t stop him from becoming a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Selected in the fifth round of April’s NFL Draft (144th overall), Howell will begin his career backing up Carson Wentz, who Washington acquired from Indianapolis in a trade this offseason.

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