Could Trey Lance be available for Commanders via offseason trade?


With rookie quarterback Brock Purdy leading the San Francisco 49ers past the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night to advance to the NFC Championship, the logical question for objective onlookers is which quarterback will the Niners get rid of in the offseason?

The likely answer is that Jimmy Garoppolo's time in the Bay Area is done after six seasons. With Jimmy G slated to become a free agent, it makes the most sense that he's the one on the chopping block.

That still didn't stop The Sports Junkies from wondering if the Washington Commanders might be able to pry Trey Lance away from the 49ers in an offseason trade.

"I wouldn't be shocked if Ron is sniffing around Jimmy G again," said Junkies host John 'Cakes' Auville. "Jimmy G's gonna be available."

"Yep," Jason Bishop said. "And you won't have to trade for him."

"For some reason I don't love Jimmy G," Eric Bickel said.

"Doesn't Trey Lance fit the running, though, that they want to do?" asked John-Paul Flaim.

"Oh, he's an unbelievable runner when healthy," Bickel said. "Unbelievable."

"Ron is saying 'I want to run more than pass' because he hasn't had a quarterback that has an ability to pass the ball," Auville said.

And could the Commanders pair a big, athletic quarterback who likes to run with an offensive coordinator who had success with a pair of big, athletic quarterbacks who like to run?

Check out the video at the top for Bickel's take on Lance coming out of college.

And listen to the full segment above around the 19-minute mark.

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