Junkies had some fun with Josh Harris' first pitch form - but EB came to Harris' defense


Cakes and EB are going to the Nationals game Friday for 106.7 The Fan Night down the street at Nats Park, but they’re not even close to the biggest celebs at the yard this week.

You might have heard a nice man named Josh Harris threw out the first pitch at Thursday’s game, and with all the goodwill behind it…yeah, some of the Junks had to have a lark at the new Commanders owner’s expense.

“Oh, the video of him warming up was so bad,” JP said, but as Cakes noted, the pitch itself “wasn’t terrible – it was a big looper, but it didn’t hit the ground!”

JP had issues with the form, as he “has never seen someone throw a baseball like that we’ve reached a tipping point,” EB said. “We’re becoming obnoxious and pooping on every person that has the balls to do this. I’ve done it a few times and it is a little bit nerve wracking – I know it's easy to throw but some people it's not easy for and I think we're, we're victims shaming here.”

Cakes called it a heel turn and an epiphany for EB, but he’s seen plenty of actual good athletes suck at it.

“Even great athletes go out there…like John Wall threw a horrible pitch,” Cakes said, a moment JP called “Joan worthy.”

“You’re so full of it,” Drab chimed in. “Your shiny new man crush Josh Harris can’t throw a baseball, and suddenly we're too mean to everybody.”

All the guys at least felt bad for Stephen A. Smith’s first pitch being horrendous, and Stephen A. had fun with it, but gloomy EB was back in full effect.

“I just think we're going overboard on it now,” EB said. “You have to throw like a 70 mile an hour strike for anybody to be happy these days?”

“Just throw it like a normal person throwing a ball. Who throws the ball like this?” JP asked, demonstrating the motion you could see on our Monumental Sports Network simulcast. “It was the motion; I didn’t even see the result of the actual pitch, but Drab sent us a text of him warming up and I wondered if it was some kind of trick photography!”

The guys did wonder if we’d be this vicious if he had a good motion but threw a dribbler, and maybe we’ll find out with someone else someday, but EB was trying to give Harris love for having been a Division I wrestler and Penn, and, well…

“Cakes and I go to the Iverson softball game and we see these top athletes, NBA players like Kevin Garnett and they were an embarrassment on the softball field,” JP said, and that’s when Drab banned EB from making fun of people not throwing spirals anymore.

“Sorry, he threw like a stooge,” JP said. “He may be a great owner, but he can’t throw a ball.”

Take a listen to the entire conversation about athletics and poor genetics (Bish’s words, not ours) above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Greg Fiume/Getty Images