JUNKIES: Commanders have to beat Bears on Thursday, but could be a 'war'


If Monday was declared a “Moral Victory Monday” by The Sports Junkies, the Commanders upcoming matchup with the lowly Bears is a “must win Thursday.”

“They should handle the Bears,” JP said. “The Bears are not good.”

Still, EB has his concerns.

“We’ve played a couple bad teams already, and had our struggles,” EB said, noting the narrow win against the Cardinals in Week 1 and a close win against the putrid Broncos defense in Week 2. “We were lucky to win both of them. I think this game will be a war. I think you’ll see a little bit of everything from [Justin] Fields.”

Fields went off against the Broncos on Sunday, but still lost, as Chicago is searching for its first win of the year. Bish doesn’t care how it happens, as long as Washington does enough to make sure the Bears’ first win of the year doesn’t come at FedEx Field on Thursday.

“I don’t know how they’ll do it, they just have to win the game,” Bish said. “I don’t care if it’s 7-6. You have to beat them…home game against an 0-4 team, you don’t have to play your best to beat them.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff | Getty Images