Eric Bickel believes: Commanders are set up to go on a run to '6-3 or 7-3' record


After fighting the Eagles into overtime on Sunday, the Commanders enter a stretch where they face four teams in the next five games that don’t have a winning record.

With the winless Bears up first, EB believes this could be the chance for Washington to go on a real run and solidify itself as a playoff team.

“Realistic shot, beat the Bears. Realistic shot, beat the Falcons, realistic shot to beat the Giants,” EB said. “Realistic shot against the Patriots, and I don’t know what to make of the Seahawks.

“There is a nice little run they can go on. Last year, I didn’t think they were good enough, and they won six of seven.”

JP was buying into the confidence, even if three of those next five games are on the road.

“You can be 6-3, 7-3,” JP said.

Bish isn’t ready to carry that level of confidence, not after watching the Commanders squeak past the lowly Cardinals and Broncos in the first weeks of the season.

“Week to week, it’s impossible,” Bish said. “Are they good enough to win four out of five, five out of six? It’s an unpredictable league. Gotta do it in back-to-back weeks for me.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Tim Nwachukwu | Getty Images