McLaurin talks building chemistry with Wentz ahead of Commanders camp


Negotiating a new contract meant Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin missed his first chance to be on the field with new quarterback Carson Wentz.

But after signing an extension, McLaurin told The Team 980’s Craig Hoffman about what they worked on in California ahead of training camp, his admiration for the new passer’s game, his new contract, and what he’s doing with Commanders' 1st-round pick Jahan Dotson.

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“I’ve always had a respect for him since my first game in the league when we played the Eagles,” McLaurin told Hoffman. “Just the way he stands back there in the pocket. He’s tall… he just really has a good command [and] feel of the pocket back there. And I think that’s one of his strongest skillets that he’s willing to stand back there. And that helps receivers to be able to finish off the routes and get as much time as they can to complete the ball.

“The way he throws the ball it has a lot of zip on it. He really throws those out patterns really, really well. And when you have those crossing routes [in which] you may not catch it over the middle of the field, but you need to catch that ball on the outside of the numbers he can really  put that ball on the money. And he has a really nice touch to his deep ball, which I think is really great.”

McLaurin said he gained some greater understanding during a recent trip to the West Coast in which he worked with the new quarterback.

“Being able to go out there in California, after I signed the contract and work with him, we really got to start trying to get on the same page of his thought processes and he got to see where I was coming from," he told Hoffman. "I think it’s gonna be a really good connection that we have the chance to build. I think we’re just gonna have to take it one day at a time and see where it goes from there.”

McLaurin said they spent time working on getting on the same page when it comes to where Wentz likes receivers to be when throwing the deep ball.

“The first thing that we really were able to do out in California was [understanding] when is he trying to complete the deep ball, where does he try and complete the deep ball?” McLaurin said on The Team 980. “As a receiver, OK, if I’m trying to stack the DB, where is my positioning, what  am I thinking about? Things like that.”

McLaurin added that knowing Wentz likes to get the ball up early and give the receives a chance to run under the ball is something he’s excited about.

“So I think it's cool that he has that type of mindset and it makes me excited as a receiver, especially on those vertical passing games, to try to get that separation as early as possible cause he's thinking he wants to get the ball up early and to our hands," McLaurin said.

Craig Hoffman's full interview with Terry McLaurin and his connection with Jahan Dotson can be heard here.

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