NFL insider suggests why owners are skeptical of voting out Daniel Snyder


NFL owners apparently are tired of all of the controversy surrounding the Washington Commanders.

They also are apparently skeptical of doing much about it.

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The Commanders and their owner, Daniel Snyder, are back in the spotlight as the House Oversight Committee investigates the allegations of workplace misconduct. Not present at Wednesday's hearing was Snyder, who will be subpoenaed to give a deposition as part of the investigation.

There have been a litany of issues with the Commanders under Snyder’s direction, and the other 31 owners do ultimately have the power to vote him out. Of course, there’s a long legal process that would unfold in such a situation and it wouldn’t be hammered out quickly, but thus far there’s no sign that the other owners intend to take that drastic step.

Appearing Wednesday on the “Pat McAfee Show”, NFL Media insider Tom Pelissero suggested it might be because some are afraid of the slippery slope that could result.

“When you have owners who are ensnared in whatever the allegations might be," Pelissero said. "And certainly there have been a number of them in recent years who have been accused of various things not identical to what Daniel Snyder has been accused of, at least in terms of the breadth but certainly other things. The moment that you remove one owner, that opens the door to potentially 'Well now what’s the standard for removing other owners?' So I think that there’s a natural element of protection within the group, but let’s make no mistake here, there are plenty of people within the league who are embarrassed by just the non-stop stuff, the reports and the allegations and everything else, surrounding the Commanders.”

Pelissero might be correct that many around the NFL are embarrassed by the situation, as they should be. However, that might ring hollow when to date there’s nothing to show that the wheels are in motion to get him removed as owner.

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