Hoch and Crowder Show: Why is Solana wearing an ascot today….

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In the loco hour of the showSolana is rocking an ascot today in anticipation of Jason Jackson. Also, Tom D’Angelo joins the show for 15 min of Heat!

In the second hour of the showHoch gets a DM that Jason Jackson is no longer coming in so Solana is now just an idiot wearing an ascot. Also, Adam Beasley joins the show.

In the third hour of the show Jason Jackson doesn’t show up… Hoch decides to make Solana’s day worse by playing Febiary. After, more Best Of’s including Marlon Shirley and the Oreo fail.

  • Febiary
  • Marlon Shirley
  • Having fun on a rainy day

In the fourth hour of the showWe continue having fun by playing a Bill Burr interception. After, we recap the ascot debacle.