Tobin & Leroy: The Chicken and the Egg

Tobin and Leroy

Tobins out, Robbies in the hot seat! How will the Heat handle Covid during newly discovered news? Does JFig leak what movie she watched last night? Is football in danger of happening this year? The boys talk on more Covid developments and how everyone is affected, texters chime in. 

Leroy brakes down the Shania Twain story. Should the NBA cancel the season due to players who have tested positive? Are we still feeling Tua sitting for a bit or taking the field? Robbie isn't ready, we are talking POLLS! Is he getting canceled? 

What nonsense are the boys talking about now with IG models? Does the "Magnificent 7" overwhelm you like it did to JFig? Robbie welcomes German Volleyball to the Mag 7, explores 5 countries in 7 bets... can we keep up? What makes Leroy give himself the heimlich maneuver? 


Sports is technically back, Robbie brings up the Kentucky Derby. Baseball, what's best for their league? What is recycled ice... Leroy brakes it down to Robbie. We bring back the "Chicken and the Egg" segment.